Top 7 – Best soundproof foam | How to Install Them:

Best soundproof foam

We all love to spend our time quietly and peacefully. No matter, if we are working, studying or maybe just sleeping. Soundproofing your room is very important. And in today’s world, you can’t really just look for a place that is fully calm and quiet. You will always be exposed to all sorts of different noises out there. Starting from low to high pitched frequencies. Be it traffic noise, wind noise, noisy neighbors or anything as a matter of fact. Sounds disturbing you is pretty imminent. Now, you may say that such scenarios don’t affect you or anything. But in reality, it does hamper concentration and takes away your right to live peacefully. Eventually making you less productive.

However, as complicated, the issue may sound there is also a straightforward solution to it, that being soundproofing. There are a number of different ways by which you can soundproof your room. And if you go through my articles you will see that I have talked about them.

However, something that I haven’t talked about much is soundproof foam. In my opinion, using the best soundproof foam has to be one of the most effective ways to prevent noise from entering your room. Over the course of this article, I will be going through some of the best soundproof foam that is available on the market, talk in depth about them and let you know why these types of foams will be your best option.


Most people who look forward to soundproofing their room always tend to rush the process. Yes, not over complicating it is pretty good and well, but you will also need to keep in mind that there is a huge variety and array of different soundproofing techniques available. Not to mention the different types of soundproofing foams as well.

As there are a number of different foams out there in the market, they all tend to serve a different purpose altogether. And this is where most people get it wrong.


Many of you out there might not be very aware of this. But soundproofing panels and a composite foam is not the same thing, and I don’t blame you for this. They look similar and is also marketed in the same way as well. Alright, now let’s get one thing straight. You see, foam does not stop sound in any way whatsoever. What it does is absorbs echo.

Now, there are two sides of the coin. If you want a type of panel that will stop sound from entering then you would need to get some other type of foam panel. Now, there is no reason to get confused. Because these are different types of panels.

You can also get something that will do both. And those are composite soundproof foam panels. So before you go on to make your purchase of a soundproof foam panel, first identify what you really want. Are you looking to block sound or absorb echo? The size and dimensions of your room will also play a significant part as well. As well, as the type and frequency of the sound that you are trying to block.


Before I go any further, there is one very important thing that I want to let you know beforehand. There is no doubt that soundproofing foam works excellently well and all. However, if you identify and look closely at where all the noise is coming and polluting your space then you can easily solve the issue by doing a few simple tasks here and there. Like putting on thicker curtains, carpeting, moving furniture and many more. Check out review of the best soundproof curtains.

Best soundproof foam:

  • Foamily Acoustic Studio Foam.
  • Mybecca Acoustic Panels.
  • Charcoal Acoustic Pyramid Studio Foam.
  • Auralex Acoustics SonoFlat Acoustic Absorption Foam.
  • Pyle PSIB27 Soundproofing Foam Filter Cube.
  • Pyle PSi24 Acoustic Isolation Wall With Stand.
  • Foamily Acoustic Foam Bass Traps.


1. Foamily Acoustic Studio Foam:

Foamily Acoustic Studio Foam

Most soundproof foams available on the market tend to be very flashy and colorful. Even though they might look good, everyone might not like it. And this is where you would want something that is a bit more subtle and minimal. But will also be able to take care of the noise. And the 12 Pack- Acoustic Panels Studio Foam from Foamily will be the perfect one for you. Despite being on top of the list, these foam panels are extremely cheap. However, despite costing so low they are of very high quality. And you will surely be able to see that for yourself once you start using it. As they are very versatile they can be used almost anywhere. These are made in the United States, so you wouldn’t really have to worry about their quality and durability. However, if you are looking to soundproof bigger rooms or spaces in general, then there are other items that would be ideal for the situation.

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2.Mybecca Acoustic Panels:

Mybecca Acoustic Panels

These acoustic panels from Mybecca are very effective in sound reduction. Mybecca suggests it can reduce up to 80 to 90% unwanted echoes and other irritating noises. Lookswise they look pretty similar to those from Foamily. However, these are much thicker, and also pretty stylish as well. They are made very sharp and accurate to give you that cutting-edge performance. They are very good for studios, recording studios, vocal booths, control rooms. But you can use them in other places such as your bedroom as well.


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3. Charcoal Acoustic Pyramid Studio Foam:

Charcoal Acoustic Pyramid Studio Foam

These foam panels are designed very differently. Instead of having a completely flat surface. These foams have pyramid shaped blocks. Now, this is not there just to enhance looks. But they are for a performance reason as well. As these pyramids are about four inches tall, they will be able to provide you with top quality sound deadening. The pyramid blocks are uniformly aligned for perfect panel distribution. Huge halls or gyms tend to have these kinds of foams installed.

However, the Charcoal Acoustic Pyramid Studio Foam does tend to be a bit on the more expensive side.


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4. Auralex Acoustics SonoFlat Acoustic Absorption Foam:

Auralex Acoustics SonoFlat Acoustic Absorption Foam

This Auralex Acoustics SonoFlat Acoustic Absorption Foam comes in a wide variety of different colors. No matter which color option you go for. You will surely be very pleased with their performance. They are made from a very high density open-celled acoustical foam. Because the foam is very thick and dense, it is able to absorb the high, low and middle frequencies very well. Keeping your room calm and quiet at all times. You will also don’t need to worry about echoes fluttering your room because it will take care of that. Now, I may have talked about many foam panels in this article, but I can assure you without a doubt that the Auralex Acoustics SonoFlat Acoustic Absorption Foam is one of the best soundproof foam out there.

A unique part of this is that these panels are fire retardant. And a fire retardant is a substance that is used to slow or stop the spread of fire or reduce its intensity.

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5. Pyle PSIB27 Soundproofing Foam Filter Cube:

Foam panels can turn out to be extremely boring at times. Just because almost everyone is using them. If you are looking for something different then go for soundproof cubes. Something like the Pyle PSIB27 Soundproofing Foam Filter Cube. These cubes are extremely easy to set up, thanks to their compact design. The way it is designed also enhances mic recording and sound isolation abilities. The box styled interior also provides the maximum sound absorption. Most soundproofing solutions for studios and for recording purposes are usually very expensive and are a hassle to install. However, with the Pyle PSIB27 Soundproofing Foam Filter Cube, this is completely different. It is a very easy and flexible solution to sound deaden a room or studio. A major feature of the Pyle PSIB27 Soundproofing Foam Filter Cube is that it can condense the sound of any type of mic out there. Preventing any unnecessary sounds.

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6. Pyle PSi24 Acoustic Isolation Wall With Stand:

Pyle PSi24 Acoustic Isolation Wall With Stand

Musicians require soundproofing more than anyone else. And the Pyle PSi24 Acoustic Isolation Wall With Stand is something every musician would love to have in their studio. It may look pretty weird and all, but it is simply a tripod with acoustic foam panels attached to it. The included foam panel is very good and helps a lot in promoting a flow of clean sounds coming out from the speaker. The panels are also pretty large, so you won’t be getting any unnecessary noise whatsoever. The thing that makes the Pyle PSi24 Acoustic Isolation Wall With Stand so unique compared to other soundproofing foams is its sheer ease and ability to be carried to almost anywhere. And as an aspiring musician, you would want portability to be your top priority.

The ease of using the Pyle PSi24 Acoustic Isolation Wall With Stand is also superb. You can put it on horizontal as well as in vertical positions. You will also be able to flat it out when you are not using it. Despite having a tripod attached to it, the Pyle PSi24 Acoustic Isolation Wall With Stand basically weighs almost nothing.

In conclusion, as good as it may seem to be. It goes without saying that the Pyle PSi24 Acoustic Isolation Wall With Stand is surely not for everyone. It might not be the ideal solution for sound deadening but would still work pretty well for recording studios.

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7. Foamily Acoustic Foam Bass Traps:

Foamily Acoustic Foam Bass Traps

Here is another product from Foamily. And it is as good as the other one. The Foamily Acoustic Foam Bass Traps will be an excellent choice if you are looking to just soundproof your basic room and nothing too fancy. These blocks measure about 12″ in height and 7″ in width. These measurements are ideal for a hassle-free use. The Foamily Acoustic Foam Bass Traps does an excellent job of soundproofing thanks to its ability to damp and diffuse middle to low-frequency sound waves inside rooms.

It is an excellent solution, and for the price it comes in, you can’t really ask more from it. It is very affordable and you will be able to soundproof your whole room at a very low cost. As well as prevent heavy bass on your recordings.

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How to Install Acoustic Foam Without Damaging Your Walls:


So you have decided to get some soundproofing acoustic foam panels for your place to do soundproofing. Well, very good. Now, the first step that you would want to do is take the measurements of the wall or the ceiling that you are looking to soundproof and stick these panels on to. Once you have taken the measurements, it becomes really easy to get the foam panel that you would need. So you won’t ever end up having short or excess foam with you. However, if you get a foam panel that is bigger than the wall, then you can always cut it to shape accordingly.

Now, there are two ways of putting soundproof foam panels on your wall. The first one is that you can stick them on a separate wooden or plywood panel and pin or hammer them up the walls. This is a very good way if you have time and you are looking to put in the extra effort. However, I like to provide you with the simplest and easiest ways there are. So let’s take a look at the other ways through which you can install your soundproof foam.


3M General Purpose 45 Spray Adhesive

Adhesive sprays are something sort of a revolutionary product. There are many different adhesive sprays from different brands and they have surely substituted the concept of glue. Because they are very sticky on the object but is not that much of a hassle to put on. All you need to do is spray it behind the foam panels and then just stick it up your walls. And that is pretty much it. Nothing else. It is just that easy and simple. The 3M General Purpose 45 Spray Adhesive, 10-1/4-Ounce is a very good and high-quality adhesive spray. It comes in a very well sized bottle so you do not have to worry about it getting finished anytime soon. However, if you are looking to soundproof a big space and need multiple bottles of this, then you will be glad to know that this comes in a 2 pack. 3 pack, 4 pack and 7 pack variant as well. Check out the price of 3M General Purpose 45 Spray Adhesive on Amazon.

Overall, adhesive sprays are an excellent method of installing foam panels and all. But there is a slight problem with it as well. You see because the spray is so strong and sticky. It might stand very well once you stick it. However, it is while taking them off that you will face the problems. They tend to get very sticky and cause damage to your walls. Nonetheless, that will only happen when you take the panels off from the wall. Other than that, there aren’t any major problems whatsoever. You can surely use them.



If you think that the adhesive spray is not a very good option and you would rather use glue, then there is nothing wrong with that either. You definitely can do that as well. Get the WOODLAND SCENICS ST1444 Foam Tack Glue 12 oz WOOU1444 and apply two small amounts on the back of your foam panel. And then just stick them on your walls. Check out WOODLAND SCENICS ST1444 Foam Tack Glue 12 oz WOOU1444 on Amazon.


If you are still confused then watch this video:


Products mentioned:


People often get pretty surprised when you tell them that soundproofing requires foams. They find it pretty weird. Which is why I wanted to go through and tell you a bit about how soundproof foams really work.

Soundproof foam absorbs the energy of sound waves that it hits and also prevents these waves to go to other rooms and amplify. Now, obviously, foam panels are not the most extreme way of soundproofing and you will be able to get a real taste of it if you have ever been in a studio.


If you spend a bit of time online and do research on soundproofing then you will see that there are a number of different types of ways in which you can soundproof a room. Starting from the basics to the very extreme level. You will be able to find it all. However, one thing which I can say with a full guarantee is that soundproof foams will be the best and most budget-friendly option out there. All the products that I talked about have the ability to be one of the best soundproof foam out there. You just can’t go wrong with them.