Cheap Ways To Soundproof A Room For Recording:

Recording Studios And Good Music

They say music is all about transporting people; speaking a language which languages fail to express. While some might argue that whether musicians are always overhyped or not. That is an issue to be debated about for the centuries to come. However, something that cannot be argued with is how beautiful music is and how we all love it so much. It is very easy for us to just stream, download, buy and hear our favorite music. But, it is the musicians who toil in day and night in recording studios to make the best music you all love so much.

Soundproofing And It’s Many Ways:

Now, if you didn’t already know. There are many different types of soundproofing techniques out there. No matter what type of room you are trying to soundproof or how much budget you have there is always a way for everything. Soundproofing a recording studio is no exception. If you do your bit of research online and look at a few other sites you will see that they are suggesting only one or two ways of soundproofing a studio. As helpful as they might be, it goes without saying that not everyone has the ability to afford soundproofing foam or other soundproofing materials. So what do you do then?


Cheap Ways To Soundproof A Room For Recording:

  • Use What You Have Around The House.
  • A Step Further.
  • Foam Engineering Acoustic Panels Studio Soundproofing Foam Wedge.
  • Bloom Up Your Inner Aesthetics.


1. Use What You Have Around The House:

The beautiful thing about soundproofing is that you can literally use anything that you find around the house to use as a sound barrier. So, assuming that you have already found a place for a studio, the very first thing you will want to do is seal the windows if the room has any. There are multiple ways through which you can seal a window. Even though there are soundproofing curtains available, we wouldn’t really suggest that for a recording studio. Walls tend to penetrate a lot of noise if they are not made well enough or are really thin. The cheapest possible way to soundproof a recording studio would be to place a huge and thick carpet or mattress on the walls. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new or old one. Just make sure that it is thick enough to block out all the external and background noise.

2. A Step Further:

It goes without saying that moving and using things around the house might be a cheap soundproofing solution. But they will be in no way be an effective one. Rather spend only a few hundred dollars and you can get the best-soundproofed studio ever. Here is how.

So, if you look at our other articles you will see that we talk about acoustic foams and foam panels a lot. And we don’t do that without a reason. There are reasons why we rate them so highly. And when it comes to soundproofing recording studios, acoustic foam is the ideal option to go for. Because even though right now foam panels are being used in houses and offices. It was first used to soundproof studios. Since then, these products have developed a lot and has advanced significantly. There are a number of different foam panels out there with different characteristics, designs, and features. However, one thing common to them all is that they can surely block all types of noise that tries to come in. And that is what matters the most. In addition, to that, we personally believe that using acoustic foam also enhances the overall beauty of a room. So you will be getting the aesthetics as well.

Foam Engineering Acoustic Panels Studio Soundproofing Foam Wedge:

FoamEngineering Acoustic Panels Studio Soundproofing Foam Wedge Tiles

Thanks to online shopping platforms, there are a number of different companies and brands selling acoustic foams in order to profit from the high demands. However, half of them do not have any idea about what soundproofing really is. And their products are mainly just a show-off. This is why so that you do not get scammed I always try to talk to you about the most authentic of brands. And FoamEngineering is one of them. They are a company that has been specializing in soundproofing products for a long time and very well know what they are doing.

Their Acoustic Panels Studio Soundproofing Foam Wedge from FoamEngineering is one of the best soundproof panels that you can find out there. While most panels come in huge sizes and not too many sizing options, FoamEngineering is completely the opposite. With small to medium-sized panels, it makes the overall work much easier. It comes in a 12 pack 12x12x1 pack. And is more than enough to cover your whole studio. It is not just recording studios, but you can also use them in vocal booths, control rooms as well as in your own office.

Other than it’s compatible size, these panels are also very well designed. They are really effective in blocking mid to high-frequency ranges. Making your recording sessions much smoother. The way it’s designed also makes it super easy to use as well. Be its walls, ceilings, doors, windows or whatever. It will always come of help to block and prevent echoes inside the room.

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Bloom Up Your Inner Aesthetics:

Foamily Acoustic Studio Foam

For some people, using so many foam blocks altogether is considered to be a big hassle. Rather what you can do is use something that is solely large enough to fill the whole studio wall. Something like the 12 Pack- Red / Charcoal Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges 1″ X 12″ X 12″ from Foamily. I really like this one a lot. Its unique dual color tone design really does give it a very nice look and will surely pop up the aesthetics of your studio. These come in 12 Pack covers 12 square feet – Each tile is 1 square foot of 1-inch thick acoustic wedge. Making it perfectly ideal for studio use. I say this because it has the ability to reduce waves, reverb and flutter echoes in smaller to medium sized rooms. These panels are very well made and have that high quality feel in them. If you are looking for a super easy and cheap solution to soundproofing your recording studio then these panels will surely come of help.

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The Inner Artist In You:

Big stars and musicians thanks to record labels and sponsors tend to have their own recording studios. And for those who don’t have that luxury to own their own studio tend to rent them out. Nonetheless, renting recording studios does not come in cheap. And you can’t really get a good one if you are not willing to spend a few extra bucks. This is where you can improvise and make your own recording studio in your home, basement or garage. The main aspect of a recording studio is how well soundproofed it is. Because that is where everything matters the most. Because you can always spend and get the latest music and recording equipment. But if you are smart enough and do soundproofing accordingly then no matter how good you sing or how well you edit it afterward there will always be background noises disturbing your mixtape. To make soundproofing your studio much easier for you, I have gone through ways in which you can easily make your recording studio a bomb one. And prevent all outer noises from coming in.

To Soundproof Or Not To Soundproof:

Soundproofing is something regarding which everyone has some quite some questions about. And we are very well aware of that. This is why I always try my best to give you as much information as possible regarding soundproofing. Nonetheless, if you have questions regarding soundproofing, feel free to let me know by emailing me. I will try our best to answer them.