How To Block Noise From Next Door Neighbors:

How To Block Noise From Next Door Neighbors

The Not So Welcoming Neighbor:

So after working all those hours and long night shifts you have finally got to get yourself a new apartment of your own. While you are settling in and everything seems to be going absolutely fine. The house is nice, the neighbors made you a welcome cake and what not. However, within a few months, the scenario had changed drastically. As it turns out, your neighbors are really not that nice. Rather they are very noisy and disturbing. You can’t get a good nights sleep every night. Nor can you relax during the weekends. Either your next door neighbor is playing some heavy metal music or always quarreling with their partners. No matter what it may be. One thing that is for certain is that it is making your life hell.

Let’s say you have tried the old school and conventional way of going up to them and requesting them to stop making such loud noises. However, it has failed miserably. This is where you have no option but to soundproof your room and block noise from your next door neighbors.


So your neighbor is very noisy and is causing you problems. Do not worry because there are a number of different solutions through which you can easily block out the noise coming from your next door neighbor. No matter what type of noise it might be. Before you go on to decide which soundproofing measure you will take, you will need to first identify where the noise is penetrating through. Is it through the doors, the walls or the windows? This is very important because you will then need to take measures accordingly.

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If you look at our other articles then you will very well notice that when it comes to soundproofing walls we talk a lot about acoustic foam panels. Just because they are so easy to install and also very effective. Nonetheless, other than acoustic foam there are also other ways of soundproofing. A very effective but not so well known method to soundproof your walls is to use something called Green Glue on your walls. Something like the Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound from Garden State Direct would be a nice option. Even though this comes in a bucket size. You can also get it in small tubes or cartridges. Depending on how much you need.

To use green glue you will need to get some drywall as well. Because drywall is a very effective soundproofing tool and by attaching it to your walls can reduce sound by quite a lot. Once you have got your drywall, apply the green glue to the back of the drywall boards and then stick the drywall on your walls. Apply some pressure and give it some time to set in properly. Once you have done that you are pretty good to go. We can assure you that you will hear no noises whatsoever coming through the walls from your next door neighbor. Check out Green Glue Noiseproof Compound on Amazon.


Bottom Door Draft Stopper

Most people with noisy neighbors will say that the majority of the noise penetrates through the main doors. And this is very true. As most homes today tend to have very thin and lightweight doors. It does not have the capability to block out noises. Well, you can always get a new and heavier door. But then again, finding a door like that is not only hard but will also cost you a fortune. So why even bother. There is another way to soundproof your door. And that is by using soundproof door seals. The Bottom Door Draft Stopper from fowong is an excellent way to not only block out noise but it also works as a weather guard keeping your house safe and secure in all weather conditions. And this is because it can absorb dripping water and sweep dust under the floor. Check out Bottom Door Draft Stopper on Amazon.

It is also very easy to use thanks to the velcro straps you can easily put it on and off. The blocker is made out of high quality and very durable pleuche material. Which may feel very soft and all but is heavy duty. Inside it contains polyester wadding and this is what helps the most in blocking noise. Overall, this is a very simple yet effective tool to soundproof your room and block all noises coming through your doors. The Door Draft Stopper also comes in a number of different colors as well. Choose the one that suits your house the best.


At times it is not your next door neighbor who is disturbing you but rather the one who lives next building. Your neighbor nonetheless, as it turns out that you cannot peacefully keep your windows open and let some fresh air come in. Because of all the noises. This is where you can use something called soundproofing curtains. Now, do keep in mind beforehand that we are not talking about normal regular curtains here. Rather these curtains are different in all aspects whatsoever. Curtains like these serve a dual purpose. First of all, they do the job of being a regular curtain very well. That is blocking light and enhancing the aesthetics of your room. However, they also do the job of blocking all sorts of noise. And that is their main priority. A misconception about soundproof curtains is that they do not tend to be very good looking and all. This is absolutely not true. Soundproof curtains are made from very good materials and come in a number of different styles and variants.

NICETOWN Blackout Curtains:

NICETOWN Blackout Curtains with Panels for Bedroom

Something like the NICETOWN Blackout Curtains exactly define how good minimal curtains be. These curtains may not have any fancy prints or patterns on them. But they look very nice nonetheless. The curtains are made out of high-quality polyester material and are very thick. Something called triple weave technology is used on these curtains to make sure that they can block all sorts of noise as well as light entering your room. However, despite being so thick and all it does not feel that heavy. Rather it is very light and super easy to set up. A very nice thing about these curtains is that they are completely wrinkle free. So no matter how much you squeeze or wrap them they won’t get wrinkles whatsoever. Here are a few key points that you would want to know.

  • Ready for installation.
  • Two blackout panels included in each package.
  • Provides around 25% energy saving according to Energy Smart Technology.
  • Curtains measure 52 inches wide and 84 inches long.
  • Soundproof.
  • Thermal insulated.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Cools your home.
  • Provides privacy.
  • Machine washable.

It may not seem effective but in all honesty soundproof curtains do help a lot when it comes to blocking out sound as well as light entering your room. Do give them a try.

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We all love to chill down during the weekends and have a nice time with our loved ones. However, it gets really tough when your neighbor is always in a rowdy mood. The cheapest way you can use to create a nice environment around your room is to get a white noise machine. We would suggest you get the Pictek White noise machine(check out the latest price). What this simple white device does is plays sounds known as white noise. This white noise helps to cancel out all other sounds and creates a soothing environment around your room. Helping you to relax and get a good night’s sleep.