How To Install Soundproof Foam:

How To Install Soundproof Foam

If you have read our previous soundproofing articles or have even the slightest idea about soundproofing. Then you will be very familiar and well known about acoustic soundproof foam panels. Acoustic foam panels are probably one of the best soundproofing materials that you can get out there. They are very cheap, simple, easy to use and most importantly can be installed in a quick jiffy. However, it is the installation process that confuses most people and confuses them whether soundproof foam should be used or not. Nonetheless, there is nothing to worry about. Soundproofing foam panels can be used anywhere and at anytime. It is an excellent soundproofing material. Coming to the installation process. That is what we will be talking to you about today. As you can read from the title above. So without wasting any more time. Let’s get to know how to install soundproof foam.


So you have decided to get some soundproofing acoustic foam panels for your place to do soundproofing. Well, very good. Now, the first step that you would want to do is take the measurements of the wall or the ceiling that you are looking to soundproof and stick these panels on to. Once you have taken the measurements. It becomes really easy to get the foam panel that you would need. So you won’t ever end up having short or excess foam with you. However, if you get a foam panel that is bigger than the wall. Then you can always cut it to shape accordingly.

Now, there are two ways of putting soundproof foam panels on your wall. The first one is that you can stick them on a separate wooden or plywood panel and pin or hammer them up the walls. This is a very good way if you have time and you are looking to put in the extra effort. However, we like to provide you the simplest and easiest ways there are. So let’s take a look at the other ways through which you can install your soundproof foam.


3M General Purpose 45 Spray Adhesive

Adhesive sprays are something sort of a revolutionary product. There are many different adhesive sprays from different brands and they have surely substituted the concept of glue. Because they are very sticky on the object but is not that much of a hassle to put on. All you need to do is spray it behind the foam panels and then just stick it up your walls. And that is pretty much it. Nothing else. It is just that easy and simple. The 3M General Purpose 45 Spray Adhesive, 10-1/4-Ounce is a very good and high-quality adhesive spray. It comes in a very well sized bottle as well. So you do not have to worry about it getting finished anytime soon. However, if you are looking to soundproof a big space and need multiple bottles of this. Then you will be glad to know that this comes in a 2 pack. 3 pack, 4 pack and 7 pack variant as well. Check out the price of 3M General Purpose 45 Spray Adhesive on Amazon.

Overall, adhesive sprays are an excellent method of installing foam panels and all. But there is a slight problem with it as well. You see because the spray is so strong and sticky. It might stand very well once you stick it. However, it is while taking them off that you will face the problems. They tend to get very sticky and cause damage to your walls. Nonetheless, that will only happen when you take the panels off from the wall. Other than that, there aren’t any major problems whatsoever. You can surely use them.



If you think that the adhesive spray is not a very good option and you would rather use glue. Then there is nothing wrong with that either. You definitely can do that as well. Get the WOODLAND SCENICS ST1444 Foam Tack Glue 12 oz WOOU1444 and apply two small amounts on the back of your foam panel. And then just stick them on your walls. Check out WOODLAND SCENICS ST1444 Foam Tack Glue 12 oz WOOU1444 on Amazon.


In today’s world of easy online shopping. There are many different brands and manufacturers selling soundproofing products and what not. However, all of them might be labeled as having soundproofing capabilities. Whereas in reality, they might not. We would want to tell you to be well aware of these brands and only get products from manufacturers that are well known and have a good reputation. You may see a number of different cheap soundproofing foam panels on the market. Don’t go for them.

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You might be able to save a few extra bucks. But it won’t surely be worth it in the long run. So keep that in mind. Acoustic soundproofing foam panels from Foamily, Izo Supply, and A2s production are some of the best soundproofing foam panels out there. Do give them a look.