How to make a room quieter from outside noise:

How to make a room quieter from outside noise

Have you ever been in that situation when it’s a nice Sunday morning and you are sleeping your ass off, until those brats from the neighborhood start playing ball on the streets? Like, I get it that you want to be the next big thing on NBA. But that does not mean you can cause a nuisance around my house every morning when I am trying to get some sleep. Nonetheless, children will always be like this and you won’t really want to stop them from doing what they love. But then again, you also want to stay in a calm and quiet room, right? So what do you do?

Well, luckily there are a lot of different initiatives and ways that you can take in order to soundproof your room and make it quieter from outside noise. And it is not just because you always want your room to be quieter, but, because you want to sleep. Most of us tend to do the majority of our tasks be it study, working or anything in general in our rooms. Concentration on such things is immensely important. And what better way to keep your concentration intact than making sure no noise enters your room whatsoever.

How to make a room quieter from outside noise:

  • The Ceiling.


Not every one of us is lucky enough to be living in a super expensive apartment in New York. So having ruined walls with holes and cracks on them is something very usual. However, as small these holes might be, they can channel in air from outside making your room pretty noisy. And it’s not just walls, but look out for broken window panes as well. An easy way to fix this is to seal the leak using small blocks of acoustic foam blocks with the help of caulk or weatherstripping. You can get the Set of 24 – Acoustic Foam Studio Corner Block Wall Finish Acoustic from Mybecca (check it out on Amazon), these come in many different size packs, so you can get the one that will serve your purpose the best. In order to attach them to the walls, you can take the help of something like the Dap 18001 Kwik Seal Caulk (check it out on Amazon). Just stick some of it on the blocks and attach them on to the leaks. And that would be it.



We often tend to ignore the doors in our homes. The door penetrates all the noise from the hallway and makes it enter your room. No matter how thick your door panels maybe. This is a very common problem to occur. While there aren’t many different ways to soundproof a door, an effective one would be to use door sweeps. It may seem very insignificant, but attaching a door sweep to the bottom of your door can be highly effective in blocking out the noise. You can use something like the Weatherstrip Adhesive, Foam Insulation Tape from MAGZO (check it out on Amazon). These are long and thick foam strips which you can attach to the bottom of your door to prevent unnecessary noise from entering inside. However, keep in mind to get the  3/4 in * 5/16 * 13 FT variant, because that would be the ideal size to use underneath doors.



This may come as something pretty unusual, but curtains are an excellent way to prevent noise to enter your room. However, do keep in mind that if you are someone who always likes a bit of sunlight in your room then this will definitely not be the ideal choice for you. Other than that, you are good to go. Hanging curtains will not only enhance the aesthetics of your room but also prevent any outside noise from entering as well.

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I would personally recommend you to go with the NICETOWN Blackout Curtains with Panels for Bedroom (check it out on Amazon). Installing these curtains will blackout any noise or light from entering your room. Always ensuring that you get a good sleep and always be able to concentrate on your work. You can use it anywhere, starting from your bedroom to the living room.


All of us have that one piece of furniture in our room that looks as it is from the era of the second world war. Well, heavy and bulky furniture can always come into good use as it can be used to block noise. All you need to do is move your furniture around the right places where the noise is amplifying in the room. The big and heavy furniture will be able to absorb all the noise.

* What About The Ceiling?

Now, that the issue about covering the ceiling for sound prevention has arisen, we believe we should address the elephant in the room. That being how to cover the ceiling and make it soundproof. Even though, the ceiling of your room doesn’t transmit much of noise from outside. It is still always good to be safe than sorry. And you never know what that crazy couple upstairs might be doing when you are trying to get some sleep at night.

Now, what you would want to do to soundproof your ceiling is use acoustic foam panels, the bigger and wider ones. I would recommend you get the Mybecca 24 pack Acoustic Foam BEVEL Tiles Soundproofing Wall Panel (check it out on Amazon). These things are very cheap and also very easy to install as well. All you need to do after getting them is put some green glue layers and just stick it up on your roof. Make sure to add multiple layers, as it enhances its vibration reducing abilities.


At some point in our lives, we have always wondered where all these noises come from. Even when the roads are empty, there is no traffic you would still hear the echoes of lonely winds. Now, there is nothing to be terrified about. Noises like this are pretty normal. And can easily be fixed by soundproofing. However, before you go on about soundproofing your room, it is very important to know how these noises are getting in. The medium through which the noise is amplifying might be very small and can easily be fixed without needing to soundproof your whole room.

My Experience:

I once had a friend who had a neighbor who moved in. And he told me that this neighbor would always keep playing drums at the most unusual hours. At first, it was alright. But later at one point in time, it began to get really irritating and that is when I suggested my friend to soundproof his room. I myself had a hands-on experience with soundproofing, hence I was able to help him with it. I shared the same techniques with you as well and I hope they come of help to you.

Your Room, Your Comfort:

No matter if we were offered palaces to live or luxury hotel rooms to stay in. Most of us would always rather prefer the comfort of our own room. No matter what. Yes, it can surely get a bit irritating sometimes when you have a noisy neighbor or a notorious bunch of kids outside. And this is where soundproofing your room will be so important. By spending only a few dollars, and using a few accessories you can easily prevent external noise from entering your room. So that you can always concentrate and stay focused on what you do. Hope we answered your question of how to make a room quieter from outside noise.

Our whole site is filled with articles similar to this, where we discuss and go through the full process of soundproofing your room just by yourself. Many people out there think that it is a very complicated process and requires certain skills and specialized tools. This is definitely not the case. And you will be able to realize that when you read our other articles. So do give them a look and let us know what you want us to write about next time. We will talk to you on the next one.