3 Easy Ways! How To Soundproof A Dorm Room:

How To Soundproof A Dorm Room

So you are a student living in a dorm room. As hard as student life can be, it gets even harder if you are living in a dorm. First of all, because it sure doesn’t feel like home. No matter how much you have wanted to live alone and party during your college days. At one point in time, you will realize that how tough it is to live alone.

As you can read from the heading above, I will be letting you know how to soundproof a dorm room. Now, before I approach further, it is very crucial to keep in mind that soundproofing is not just a little aspect. There are many different ways through which you can do it. And the same applies to when you are soundproofing a dorm room as well. As a student living in a dorm room, I can very much tell that you do not have enough money. And even if you do have, there is no way you are willing to spend so much money on soundproofing. And you also don’t need to as well, as I will be talking to you about the cheapest options that are available.


Now, we all know that dorm rooms are very small. And they are getting smaller every single day. So a small dorm room means that you cannot work with loads of different soundproofing materials and techniques to start with. However, that is surely not much of an issue. Because a small room means that you will require very less soundproofing material. And that is always good.

How To Soundproof A Dorm Room:



Stylish Coral Velvet from V Mix

If you are living in a dorm building then there are surely other students living in the building as well. Both on your above and below floors. This is why you would want to soundproof your floors first. No matter how expensive your dorm might be. Most dorms have thin carpets on them whereas some don’t even have any. To soundproof your dorm floor and make sure that it absorbs all sorts of sound, you would want to get a very thick and good rug or carpet.

The Right Choice:

I have chosen the Stylish Coral Velvet from V Mix to use in your dorm room. This is the ideal size and I believe that it will very well go with the overall look of your dorm. No matter what theme it might be designed to. It comes in 10 different solid colorways, so you have a wide variety of options to chose from and get the one that will suit your dorm the best. This carpet is made from a 100% Coral Velvet Fabric With Soft sponge Filling. And it is also very thick. Once you lay it on your dorm floor, you will realize that it’s thickness is what is helping it to block all sorts of noises from entering. Check out Stylish Coral Velvet Mat from V Mix on Amazon.

Bnxbb Ultra Soft 4Cm Thick Indoor Modern Shag Area Rug

However, if you want something that is a bit smaller and cheaper. But also more snug and comfier, then you can go for the Bnxbb Ultra Soft 4Cm Thick Indoor Modern Shag Area Rug. It is also made from the same material as the Coral Velvet from V Mix and will also work similarly as well. Be it your dorm room, bedroom or office. It will fit in very nicely at all places. In addition to having soundproofing abilities. It will also keep you warm and snug during the cold winter days. It is also very cheap as well. So grab it quickly. Check out Bnxbb Ultra Soft 4Cm Thick Indoor Modern Shag Area Rug on Amazon.


Mass Loaded Vinyl from Burning River Buys

Just like dorm room floors, ceilings are also not very well made on dorm rooms. And even if they are, you will always have that one student on the above floor who will be partying all night before the final exams, no matter what and will keep disturbing you at every given moment with their high bass EDM songs and what not. Nonetheless, you can easily block all that noise by just using something very simple. A material called vinyl mats will be your best bet here. These Mass Loaded Vinyl from Burning River Buys is top notch quality. And they will surely help you in soundproofing as well. These mats come in a dark full black color. So you don’t have to worry about the aesthetics and looks of your room or anything. Once you put them up on your ceiling, they will blend in very nicely. The mats are around 1 pound per square foot density and are 1/8 of an inch thick with 7 STC and some insanely good sound deadening abilities. You surely cannot go wrong with this. Check out Mass Loaded Vinyl from Burning River Buys on Amazon.


Acoustic Foam Egg Crate Panel

The walls are probably the place where you can do the most amount of soundproofing that you want. If you are feeling super serious and intense about soundproofing and want the best possible solution for your walls. Then use soundproofing acoustic foam panels on your wall. I can assure you that it will be the ideal solution. The Acoustic Foam Egg Crate Panel Studio Soundproofing Foam Wall Panels from Foamily comes in a very good size, that will be ideal for your dorm room. They will provide a very nice and sleek overall look to your room. They have excellent sound absorbing capabilities, so no matter what crazy or weird thing your friend next door might be doing, you won’t be hearing any of it. Thanks to it’s high NRC abilities. Check out Acoustic Foam Egg Crate Panel Studio Soundproofing Foam Wall Panel on Amazon.

However, it is not that you would need to use soundproofing materials to soundproof your room at all times. There are many simple DIY options as well. For example, you can put on some fancy aesthetic art up your walls. A good and heavy frame of aesthetic art will not only make your room look more appealing, but will also prevent slight noises that might have peaked through. No matter how broke of a student you might be. You will surely have a small closet to keep your clothes in. What you can do is shift the closet to the part of the wall where there is a lot of noise coming from, and that would be it. You have soundproofed your room without even spending anything. Even though it might be a bit, but something nonetheless.


When you are living in a student dorm. There will be many other students living with you as well. You may even have to share a room with others as well. No matter what it might be or how disturbing the others might turn out to be. You will always want to make sure that you yourself are not being loud or disturbing anyone in any way whatsoever. When you are listening to music, use noise canceling headphones instead of booming up the sound on high stereo speakers. Listening to white noise while studying is also a very nice way to keep your concentration from the noisy background.

In conclusion, I would like to end this article by saying that student life is one of those phases that everyone keeps remembering when they are old. They all have regrets for the things that they could have done. Don’t be that guy. Travel the world, party hard and also study. But enjoy life to the fullest.