4 Easy Steps | How To Soundproof A Garage:

How To Soundproof A Garage

The garage in our homes is more than just a place to keep our cars in. Especially in all American households, garages have a very significant role in every family’s lives. Due to the lack of space in houses, a lot of things and activities are usually shifted to the garage. Be it the heavy rock metal band of your teenager son or daughter, office space for yourself to bring work home or even a quiet reading room for everyone. No matter for which occasion you might want to modify your garage into, the very first thing that you would want to do is soundproof your garage. And today in this article, I will be talking about that in depth and teach you how to soundproof a garage.


One of the most common reasons to soundproof a garage is to be able to make a soundproofed recording studio. And it is truly an excellent idea. You see, making a personal studio from scratch somewhere else will surely cost you a fortune. And it will also cost you a lot if you are looking to rent one professional studio. Instead of going through all that hassle, what you can do is soundproof your garage. Doing this you will easily be able to jam with the band and also record your songs. When it comes to soundproofing for a studio or recording purpose, there are a wide number of options available at your disposal.

Monoprice 602650 Microphone Isolation Shield

If recording music is your main priority then you would very much want to get something like a soundproofed booth or isolation shield. Yes, soundproofing the whole garage is very good and all. But if you are looking to record music in your garage then getting a soundproofed booth is a must. However, there is nothing to freak out about. I have the perfect solution for you. You can get the Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield. This is a very high quality and a well sized soundproofed booth with the addition of a mic mount. Something that you will surely need.

On the front, it has a full acoustic foam panel with pointed acoustic foam. The acoustic panel used on this is of very high quality and is something that you won’t usually see in most normal acoustic foam panels. They perform extremely well and will be able to keep out all the background noise and sounds from ruining your recording. The back panel of this booth is also very well designed as well. In most soundproofing booths, the back panel is often sacrificed with a very low-quality build. However, with this one that is not the case. The Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield has a vented metal back plate. This not only enhances the overall quality of the booth but also helps it to stay still and stable. The overall panel is slightly curved on the back and the two bolts on the back will allow you to mount it on the wall or anywhere that you may like.

There are also three stands on the bottom of the panel to keep it stable if you are not mounting it anywhere and using it on the ground. The Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield is something really good and will surely help you to record that beautiful song that you have kept written. Check out the Price of Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield on Amazon.

How To Soundproof A Garage:


When you are looking to soundproof a garage, it is very crucial that you start with the walls. And it is not just for garages. But rather for any type of space. Starting with the walls is a must. Now, the thing is that most garages these days do not have a very thick or rigid wall. In addition, there is the front shutter as well. All of this makes it really easy for sound to easily penetrate in and cause a disturbance. However, there are easy solutions to this as well.

Singer Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel

If you read my articles often, then you will very well know that I talk a lot about acoustic foam and foam panels for using to soundproof walls. There is no doubt that they are very good and can surely be used to soundproof a garage. However, today I wanted to talk to you about something else. Something that is a bit more different, but will surely provide you as good soundproofing as any other acoustic panel out there. The Singer Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel is the solution. If you aren’t aware of it, fiberglass is a very good material that specializes in absorbing and blocking all sorts of noise waves. And I can assure you that this Singer Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel will be able to do that as well with sheer ease.

Wide And Thick:

Now, starting off, I would like to mention that this is quite a wide and thick panel. Measuring at 4′ Width x 8′ Height x 2″, it can cover your garage wall without any hassle. As I mentioned before, the panel here is made from a Fiberglass material and the exterior is also very well padded with good foam padding as well. You can definitely try these to soundproof your garage walls. Check out Singer Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel on Amazon.

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes

However, if you think that the Singer Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel is a bit expensive for you. Then what you can do is get this pack of moving blankets from Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes. As the name suggests, these blankets are very cheap and affordable. Now, you may wonder that why am I talking about blankets in a soundproofing article. Well, the thing is that these blankets are really thick and well cushioned. So if you are looking to soundproof your garage but do not have much to spend on, then what you can do is just hang these on your garage walls and that would be it. Now, do keep in mind that these blankets won’t be able to give you the best possible soundproofing for your garage. But for such cheap prices, it is surely worth mentioning. Check out Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes on Amazon.


At times, we tend to get so focused on specialized soundproof materials, that we tend to forget that soundproofing can be done using the simplest of things lying around the house. One of those simple things is plywood. Plywood is something that does not get the full attention it deserves, In addition to making small booths and crafts, plywood can also be used to soundproof a garage as well. I will tell you how.

Premium Baltic Birch Plywood from WoodpeckersThe very first thing that you would need to get is plywood boards. You can get many different plywood boards in your local hardware store. However, if you are looking for the best possible option then try going for the 3 mm 1/8″ X 10″ X 10″ Premium Baltic Birch Plywood from Woodpeckers. They are very high-quality plywood panel boards and will surely keep all sounds out of your garage. These boards are the perfect size to be used on walls. What you will need to do is put these boards on the walls of your garage and that should be enough to block all sorts of noises from entering your garage and causing disturbance. The installation process of these panels is also very easy. You can either drill them in or hammer them down with pins on the wall. No matter which option you go for. It will work just fine. Check out Premium Baltic Birch Plywood from Woodpeckers on Amazon.


MuteX Soundproof Material

Soundproofing Ceilings:

Because garages have low ceilings and all. Many tend to ignore the fact of soundproofing garage ceilings. Just like walls, ceilings are also very important and should definitely be soundproofed in order to get the full-fledged experience.

However, there aren’t many ceiling soundproofing options available out there in the market. Nonetheless, I have found out a few for you. The very first would be to use soundproofing mats. Something like the MuteX Soundproof Material will come of great help here. As they are very lightweight and thin, they can easily be installed on your garage ceiling. Do not judge it by its thickness. Because it has a 2 Stage Sound Barrier using Polymute Resin + Carbon weave embedded into it. Giving it more than enough capability to tackle all sorts of different sound and noise waves with sheer ease. It’s all weather temperature control allows it to be used not only on garages but on automobiles and vehicles as well. In addition to commercial, home construction, walls, floors, ceilings and what not. The MuteX Soundproof mats are truly something of great value. Check out MuteX Soundproof Material on Amazon.


It might be very simple and all. But garage doors and shutters tend to penetrate loads of different sound and noise waves with ease. And soundproofing a garage door is sort of confusing as well because there aren’t many options available out there. Nonetheless, for soundproofing a garage door you can use resilient channels underneath the doors to make sure that noise is well blocked and does not enter inside by any means. Now, as garages tend to have long and wide doors and shutters, you would want to get a channel that is wide and long enough to accommodate the door. Making a custom made channel from a local hardware shop or doing it by yourself will be the best option.

One Legged Resilient Channel

However, if you want something online. Then I would suggest you get the RC-1 One Legged Resilient Channel 8′ Lengths from Trademark Soundproofing. It is a one-legged resilient channel – 25 Gauge (18 Mils). And the dimensions are 2.0″ W x .5″ D x 96” L. So they are quite long and might fit in your garage door. Keeping in mind the size of your garage door itself. Check out RC-1 One Legged Resilient Channel 8′ Lengths on Amazon.