How To Soundproof A Toilet Room – 3 Easy Steps!

How To Soundproof A Toilet Room

One of the most critical place to soundproof is the toilet, washroom or bathroom. So if you are wondering how to soundproof a toilet room, then you have just landed on the right article. In this article, I will talk about some of the techniques of soundproofing a bathroom or toilet room.

Toilets and bathrooms can generate a lot of noise through flushing or showering. If you have a toilet next to your dining room, you don’t want to hear the noise of someone using the toilet while you are having dinner with your guests. That’s embarrassing.

Also if you wake up from your pleasant sleep due to the noise of the toilet next to your bedroom, then you should soundproof your toilet to have a silent and pleasant sleep. So read this article to find out some effective ways to soundproof that noisy toilet or bathroom.

How to soundproof a toilet room:

  • Soundproof the toilet door
  • Soundproof the toilet wall
  • Soundproof the toilet flush or commode

1.Soundproof the toilet door:

The door is one of the main places through which sound escapes the toilet room, so soundproofing the door of your toilet is essential and vital to reduce noise going outside. There are many ways to soundproof a door and we will discuss both the cheap and expensive way. Check out how to soundproof your doorway!

Fill the holes with sealant

The first step in soundproofing a toilet door is to fill up any holes in the door. A lot of sound from the toilet can pass through these holes easily to the next room.

To fill up these holes, first, you need to find the holes and cracks in the door. To do this, look closely and carefully for any holes in the door. You can also turn the lights off and tell someone to hold a torchlight on the other side of the door. If you see any light passing through then fill those areas.

After finding the holes, you need a good sealant or caulk to fill up those holes. One of our recommended door caulk is the GE Silicone 2+ Window & Door Caulk. What makes this caulk great for toilet door is that it is 100% waterproof and weatherproof. This method is very cheap and affordable. So by using caulk, you can block the airborne noise of the bathroom from going out. Check it out on Amazon.

Install weatherstripping tape for the toilet door:

Weatherstripping tapes are also great for blocking sound beside keeping out pest, wind, and dust through the door. You should use adhesive weatherstripping tape to avoid the inconvenience of installing a non-adhesive weatherstripping tape.

To my best knowledge, we found Indoor Weather Stripping, Window Seal Strip For Doors And Windows from Keeping Fun to be one of the best weatherstripping tapes. The unique grid adhesive backing of this tape makes this easy and simple to install. Check out Indoor Weather Stripping, Window Seal Strip For Doors And Windows from Keeping Fun on Amazon.

To install an adhesive weatherstripping tape, just stick it along the door frame and you are good to go. Weatherstripping tapes make the sides of the doors airtight which prevent airborne sound to pass through the toilet door. Also, this is a cheap and affordable yet effective method soundproofing a bathroom.

Install a door sweep:

Almost every door has a small opening between the bottom of the door and the floor. Sounds can even pass through these small gaps, so installing a door sweep can block the sound from going out of the bathroom from the bottom of the door.

The door sweep is also great for keeping out cockroaches, insects, dust, and wind. So no insect can exit from the toilet to your dining room. Along with that, door sweeps will also prevent bad odor from the toilet to enter the room adjacent to your toilet room.


There are some expensive and hard to install a door sweeps out on the market as well. However, to keep it simple and easy, I recommend you to consider the Energy Efficient Door under Seal, Door draft stopper, door noise stopper & soundproofing door weather stripping from IDEALCRAFT (check it out on Amazon).  

This door sweep is really easy and simple to install. You don’t need any fancy tools or drilling to install this door sweep. One side of this product has adhesive glue, just stick that part to the bottom of the door and you are good to go.

Install a solid core door:

This is the most expensive way to soundproof a bathroom. Most of the doors in a house are usually hollow doors. This type of door is a kind of sound amplifier and they tend to be thin and transmit a lot of sounds. By installing a solid core door, you can easily block the sound from passing through the door.

You can find a solid core door in your local store. However, replacing a door can be hectic and you will need an expert’s help. So this method is not really necessary for a toilet room. However, if you have the money and you want no sound to pass through the toilet door, then you may go for this method of soundproofing your toilet room.

2. Soundproof the toilet wall:

Most of the walls of the toilet are thin which allows impact noise and even airborne noise to penetrate the walls of the toilet room. Now you must be questioning, then how to soundproof a toilet room. The simple answer is that soundproofing the toilet walls will reduce most of that noise.

RC-1 One Legged Resilient Channel 8' Lengths - Box of 32 (25 Gauge)

To soundproof the walls of your toilet, you can put drywall to make it more soundproofed. You can install a resilient channel to block the impact noise. Our recommended resilient channel is the RC-1 One Legged Resilient Channel 8′ Lengths – Box of 32 (25 Gauge). However, installing a resilient channel is pretty tough and a very expensive investment in soundproofing a bathroom. Check out its price on Amazon.

If you don’t have the huge budget yet want a decent soundproof toilet, then I would recommend you to install a double layer of drywall. You can purchase drywalls in your local hardware store and they are not the cheapest method to soundproof your toilet, however, they are affordable and very effective in blocking sound.

Also, you may need a help from someone who is a handyman to install the drywall. You also need to make sure that the drywall and the resilient channel is waterproof before installing them.

3.Soundproof the toilet flush or commode:

Flushing a toilet can create lots of noise. Soundproofing the flush or the commode is a vital issue.

To soundproof a flush, you first need an adhesive tape. Then you need to open the flush tank and clean both the tank and the lid of the tank. Then place the adhesive tape around the edges of the tank and the lid and close the lid. This will reduce the noise when flushing or when the tank is filling after flushing.

 MD BUILDING 02311 High Density Foam Tape, 1/2 x 3/4in by 10 feet

We found the M-D Building Products 2311 High-Density Foam Tape one of the best tapes for this application. Although this tape is mainly used for windows and doors, you can also use this for soundproofing your flush. Check out M-D Building Products 2311 High Density Foam Tape on Amazon.

Another method is to soundproofing your toilet seat. Whenever we open the commode’s seat lid, some noise is made. To reduce or eliminate this annoying noise, you can use gel shoe pad. Just place one on the bottom of the toilet seat lid and another on the tank lid where the seat lid and the tank lid makes contact.

Crazy Cart 5 Pairs Heel Pads Cushion Grips

You can use this Crazy Cart 5 Pairs Heel Pads Cushion Grips, Shoes Boots High Heels Gel Inserts Insoles Liners for your toilet seat. This may seem funny that we are recommending a heel gel insert, but you would be surprised how effective they are to reduce the noise. Click here to check it out.


To wrap this article, let me give you a summary of what we have discussed in this article. If you have lots of money to spend, then you can install a solid core door and resilient channel along with the drywall on the side walls to reduce sound.

However, if you need a quick and affordable way to soundproof your toilet room, then using caulk to fill the cracks of the door, installing a weatherstripping tape and installing an adhesive door sweep that we have recommended will be good enough to soundproof the door of your toilet room. Along with that, installing drywalls and following the simple and easy method of soundproofing a flush or commode will give you near pin drop silent.

Now you know how to soundproof a toilet room. Following a few of these methods, you can have a nice dinner with your family and friends and you can sleep better without the noise of the toilet room intervening.