How to Soundproof a Window From Traffic Noise- Get Some Peace!

How to Soundproof a Window

The Berserk Marketplace And Endless Honking of cars:

The utter definition of “noise” tends to vary through perspective. Some noises might sound very disturbing and terrible to you. While for some, the same noise can be music to their ears. However, that is not the point. The point is we all tend to be disturbed by unnecessary noises coming through our windows. No matter where we live in, there will always be some sort of noise coming through our windows and breaking our peace. Be it traffic noise, the shouts coming from the local market or even that noisy neighbor who always keeps shouting for no absolute reason. Soundproofing your windows will be the easiest solution to all these noisy troubles and complications.



Many people who are not familiar with the whole process of soundproofing tend to be very skeptical regarding it. First of all is because they think that it won’t be very effective. Secondly, they aren’t clear about what it really is and what soundproofing can do. If you are someone like that then there is no reason to freak out. Because over this article I will be going through major points regarding soundproofing and eventually help you to soundproof your window.

Now, to put it into simple words. Soundproofing is basically when you program a room in such a way that no outer noise will be able to penetrate and get in. As a result, keeping the soundproofed room in a pin-drop silence. There are a number of different ways and materials that will help to soundproof your room. Starting from acoustic foams, door seals, custom-made soundproof windows, soundproof curtains are only to name a few. As we will be talking about how to soundproof a window from traffic noise. We will keep it limited to only the ways that fit soundproofing a window.

How to Soundproof a Window From Traffic Noise:



The thing about soundproofing is that every small thing counts and makes a huge difference. Even the smallest of leaks or gaps will end up causing a failure in your whole soundproofing process. Speaking of gaps, our windows often tend to have a lot of them. Be it a broken window glass or a pane. It is enough for sounds to travel through and cause havoc. This is where you can use window seals. Something like the TOAO Self Adhesive Seal Strip from ALPHELIGANCE would be ideal if you are looking for the most basic way of soundproofing your windows.(check them out on Amazon)

The TOAO Self Adhesive Seal Strip are all weather strips that you can use on your window frames and even on doors. They are extremely easy to install and the best part about them is that they stand strong in all weathers. Be it sunny, rainy or even snowing. Sizing won’t be a problem at all as you can easily cut them to your requirements accordingly.

3M Indoor Insulator Kit

However, if you think that these seals are too much of a simple option for you and you want something a bit more upgraded then you can go with the 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit (check them out on Amazon). This gives you a whole package of everything that you would possibly ever need to soundproof your windows. It comes with rolls of tape of different measurements and you will be able to insulate about 3 to 5 windows. It is also very easy to install. There are also acoustic sealants out there that will help you to fill the cracks and gaps through which noise penetrates very easily. Check out St. Gobain GGSEALANT-28OZ Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant on Amazon.


They say that when you live in a glass house, buying curtains for the windows doesn’t help. Well, as far as houses go not many of us live in glass houses. Or do we? So I am going to guess buying curtains are alright for you.

In addition, curtains are also an excellent option to make your room look much better. Well, wouldn’t it be great if your curtains could also block out all sorts of noise as well? Well, sadly normal curtains aren’t able to do that. However, there are soundproof curtains out there that you can get for a very affordable price. These curtains look pretty similar to most normal curtains. However, they work very differently. So let us take a look.

Eskimo Blackout Window Curtain Panel:

The main reason why normal curtains cannot block noises coming through your window is mainly that they are not made to do that. The materials need to be thick and sturdy enough to block out all sorts of noise. And soundproof curtains are made like that. One of the best soundproof curtains that you can find out there has to be the Eskimo Blackout Window Curtain Panel.

An excellent thing about soundproof curtains is that they serve a dual purpose. First of all, their main priority is blocking out the noise. And that they surely do without even dropping a sweat. However, they are also capable of another thing. And that is blocking out the light. Even though, you would need to get the darker colors of the Eskimo Blackout Window Curtain Panel. It still goes without saying that every soundproof curtain out there more or less prevents the most type of light from entering your room and waking you up from your weekend sleep.

Coming to the Eskimo Blackout Window Curtain Panel these are extremely well built. The material used to make this is very high quality and also look and feel premium. Do you remember those chilly winter nights when no matter how high up your heater was, you still felt cold because of the chilly winds that just burst through your windows? Well, getting the Eskimo Blackout Window Curtain Panel will put an end to it all.

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3. Calyx Interiors:

Calyx Interiors Cordless Honeycomb

Window interior shutters are an excellent way to make your room look really posh, even if it isn’t. It will not only look good but will also soundproof your windows. If you are looking for something like that then go for the Calyx Interiors Cordless Honeycomb Cell Shades. These will help you to soundproof your window from traffic noise.

Starting off, these come in a number of different colors. Ranging from white, cocoa, cream to blackout ivory. You can choose the one depending on your room interior. A common thing amongst most shutters or shades like these is that most people do not feel safe using them. However, these shades are pretty safe. Thanks to the cordless lift system that makes it very safe for children and pets. As the head and bottom rails are made from PVC these shades are also very light. One thing that you will surely not get with soundproof curtains is sunlight, And not everyone wants that. With the Calyx Interiors Cordless Honeycomb Cell Shades, you will not only be able to get your privacy but also a slight hint of light would enter your room, thanks to the translucent light filtering fabric.

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However, as I mentioned before, everyone doesn’t hate the sounds that they hear from their room on a daily basis. If I say for myself for example. I used to live in a very posh neighborhood with colossal houses and flamboyant sports cars. Now, I used to love cars. And everytime a Ferarri or a Lamborgini rocketed past my house I used to indulge in the daydreams of a nine yeard old with the car’s crackles and pops. However, at one point it got very irritating. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. My studies, work. I couldn’t even sleep properly. That is when I decided to soundproof my windows.


A common myth or misconception regarding soundproofing is that they are said to not work properly and also cost a lot. Well. both of these are wrong statements. First of all, soundproofing works. And if you do not believe us, then you can get the answer yourself when you apply the methods that we often talk about. Coming to the latter, soundproofing is not at all expensive. As a matter of fact, it probably has to be the cheapest ways of home decor out there. You will not only be getting a calm and peaceful room but also a room that will look aesthetically very pleasing. This is why most soundproofing products are not just designed to block noises, but also to make your room look good.