How To Soundproof Apartment Ceiling – 3 Steps Away!

How To Soundproof Apartment Ceiling

What Is Soundproofing?

If you are reading this, then I will assume that you do not have any idea about what soundproofing is. That is completely fine and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, as I will be talking to you about what it is and the many different types of soundproofing solutions available. To put it into simple words and make it easier for you to understand, soundproofing is basically when you completely remove or eliminate sound from entering through a certain area or space. Be it your own room, office, apartment, doors, ceilings and what not. There is a soundproofing solution for it all.

How Much Will It Cost?

In addition to all of the different myths and confusions regarding soundproofing, the most common one is that soundproofing is very expensive. Well, it’s not. And if you think that it is then you have been misled by the different soundproofing solutions companies out there. They use simple soundproofing materials that you can get online for a few dollars and end up charging a lot more for you in addition to the installation cost.

Soundproofing an apartment ceiling is pretty easy. You can easily do it with the use of a few simple materials and through following a few steps. So let’s get into it.

How To Soundproof Apartment Ceiling:

  • ATS Acoustic Panel.


Acoustic Foam Egg Crate Panel

No matter where you research or look for soundproofing solutions, you are pretty sure to find acoustic foam panels mentioned there. Acoustic foams are an excellent way to not only soundproof your room but also increase the overall aesthetics as well. However, many of you might not know, but acoustic foam panels can be used on ceilings as well. However, do not go out and get the first acoustic panel you get your hands on. I would suggest you get the acoustic foam panel from Foamily.

Likewise, these panels are a lot more toned down in comparison to most acoustic foam panels out there, And this is a good thing as it makes using these on the ceiling more ideal. You obviously wouldn’t want anything sticking out from your ceiling. However, despite it’s toned down looks these panels can do soundproofing very well. This is thanks to their high-quality 3″ foam and it’s soundproofing capabilities. With also a very good NRC as well. Be it your apartment ceiling, room, office or whatever. Using these panels can surely solve all your soundproof related problems.


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If you think that acoustic foam panels are a bit too heavy for you to use on your ceiling, then there is nothing to worry about. There are other alternatives as well. And the second best alternative would be to use vinyl mats. Something like these mats from Burning River Ways would be a nice option. No matter where the noise is coming from. Be it your walls, ceilings, floors, whatever it might be. Using these mats will block them all. Now, I would like to state something before we go any further. And that is vinyl mats won’t give you as better soundproofing as foam panels. And this is something pretty obvious if you look at the thickness of both these materials. They are pretty different. Nonetheless, I have tested these mats from River Ways and can surely guarantee you that they will surely serve you well.

You may not be able to tell by the looks of it, but these mats are very thick. And that is what makes them so good in soundproofing. Being around 1/8 of an inch thick with a 27 STC, it can tackle all sorts of sound waves with ease. Installing these mats are also pretty easy. All you will need to do is follow the instructions. However, I would suggest you get some green glue beforehand. As it will not only make the installation process of these mats easier. But also enhance the mat’s soundproofing capabilities as well.


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3.ATS Acoustic Panel:

ATS Acoustic Panel

As I mentioned before, acoustic foam panels are the best soundproofing solution. However, I also said that you just can’t get any type of foam panel you want. In addition to the pads from Foamily, these acoustic boards are also something of great quality and performance. Coming in four different colors, it gives you the choice to chose from a very wide selection. So that you can organize your ceiling accordingly. Once you install these boards to your ceiling, you will notice that there will be no sound coming from your ceiling whatsoever. You will be able to enjoy a calmer and quiet environment. Many think that panels like these do not last long. Well, that’s not true. The ATS Acoustic panels are very well made and you will surely be able to get a few years use out of them. Thanks to the solid wood internal frame that makes sure the edges are always protected from dents and damage.


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Why You Should Soundproof Your Ceiling:

Now, some of you out there might ask that why would you ever need soundproofing in your own apartment? Well, you wouldn’t have been asking that question if you had a noisy neighbor upstairs. And no matter whatever they do, the sound penetrates through your ceiling and creates disturbance in your personal space. In addition, it is not just the neighbor’s at fault here. But rather, at times the ceiling of some apartments are so thin that even the slightest of sounds tend to pass through very easily. Nonetheless, that is nothing much to worry about. Because once you get to learn how to soundproof your ceiling all of that won’t be a problem at all.


You will find me saying again and again that you can never learn enough of soundproofing. Not only because there are so many different types of materials coming every now and then. But rather, the overall concept of soundproofing is a pretty wide one. Many think that soundproofing cannot be done if one does not have proper access to soundproofing materials. Well, this is absolutely not true. Soundproofing can be done using items that you have at home and I have talked about a number of DIY techniques as well. Let’s say you are looking to block out the noise that is penetrating through your walls. What do you do if you aren’t willing to spend on soundproofing solutions? Well, what you can do is simply shift your closet or any heavy furniture that you have and block that wall from where all that noise is coming from. And that would do the job pretty well.

However, in some cases, you would need to spend and get certain things. Windows are a major pave way for sound to pass through your apartment. If you are someone facing this problem then what you can do is get soundproofed curtains. Check out my in-depth review of the best soundproof curtains. There is nothing to get freaked out about. Because these curtains look and serve the same purpose as normal curtains. In addition to that, they can also block out all sorts of noise and light as well. Do check out my article about the best soundproofing curtains and give it a read.