5 Easy Ways – How To Soundproof Condo:

How To Soundproof Condo

If you are reading this then I would guess that you own a condo. Or at least live in one. Whatever it may be, living in a condo is not easy. You have worked hard, earned money and now it is finally paying off. However, buying and living in a condo won’t necessarily mean that you will be able to live peacefully in your house. You will always have that one noisy neighbor beside you. In addition, if your place is in a very busy city center then there will be noise coming from outside as well. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t solve all these issues. In this article, I will be telling you how to soundproof a condo. So keep reading.

How To Soundproof Condo:

1.Start With The Walls:

If you are living in a condo then you will very surely have some noisy neighbors. Neighbors that like to party and have fun at midnight. However, as much as every right they might have to do that, it can surely disrupt your peace. If you hear closely, then you will realize that most of this noise usually comes from the walls. No matter how thick your walls might be made, a boost up in the base or volume will make it very easy for the noise to penetrate through your walls. So what do you do?

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Well, the answer is pretty simple. You will need to soundproof your walls. And that would be it. Now, when it comes to soundproofing your walls, this is a very broad topic. Because there are many different ways to soundproof a wall. All of them distinct in their characteristics. No matter which one you chose, you will surely benefit from it. Nonetheless, as I am speaking of how to soundproof condo, I will only be talking about the ways that will fit into the occasion.


TMS Mass Loaded Vinyl

As cheap as they might be, vinyl mats are one of the most effective materials that you can use to soundproof your wall. The TMS Mass Loaded Vinyl, for example, comes in a big good roll and also costs very low. Keeping the price aside, the performance that this will give you is just insane. Aesthetics-wise, these mats are simple matte black in color. And that is the main reason that makes this such an ideal option to be used on the walls of your condo, as these would not ruin the overall nice aesthetics of your walls. These mats have soundproofing compounds installed in them, making them a good option to be used on walls for soundproofing. In addition, they are around 1/8 of an inch thick and has an STC of 27. Making them a good option for soundproofing. Check out TMS Mass Loaded Vinyl on Amazon.


If you have heard of soundproofing solutions before, then you might have come across something known as fiberglass. Fiberglass is a common type of fiber-reinforced plastic using glass fiber. The fibers may be randomly arranged, flattened into a sheet, or woven into a fabric. The reason why I am talking about this is that fiberglass is a very good soundproofing tool. You can easily get this at your local hardware store for a very cheap price. However, you just cannot go on and stick it up your wall. There is a certain process that you would need to follow. What you will need to do is insert the fiberglass batt insulation into the inside walls first. Once you have done that, close them up with drywall insulation. And that would pretty much be it. It is a very simple process. However, if you think that you can’t do it alone, then you can always take the help of someone else. Nonetheless, always make sure you are wearing the necessary safety items while doing this sort of work.


Ice Blue Charcoal Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges

If you have ever seen a music recording studio or even been in one, then you will be familiar with acoustic foam. These are usually panels or boards made out of acoustic foam that will help to block and absorb sound from all around. You may wonder, that why am I talking about products that are made to be used in studios.

Well, here is the thing. Foam panels like these can be used on your condo walls as well. And I can very well assure you that you will be able to hear the difference once you install them. Nonetheless, in today’s world of easy online shopping. There are many different types of soundproofing foam available. Some of them are of very poor quality as well. Chances are high that you might be tempted by their low prices and end up getting a bad one. Do not do this in order to save a few extra bucks. They will not be able to soundproof anything whatsoever and you will just end up wasting your hard earned money on nothing.

The Best In The Business:

Rather get any foam pad from Foamily. Foamily is a very well known and reputed brand for making high-quality soundproofing foam products. This 12 Pack- Acoustic Panels Studio Foam is no exception (Check Out Latest Price on Amazon). Being one of the best sellers on Amazon right now, you can very well expect this to serve you well. However, keeping ratings aside, I can ensure you that these boards will surely provide a good soundproofing experience for you. Along with its soundproofing compounds, each tile is 1 square foot of 1-inch thick acoustic wedge. Which not only absorbs sound but also reduces waves, reverb and flutter echoes in smaller to medium-sized rooms as well.


When you are living in a condo. It is not just the walls. But your ceiling may need soundproofing as well. Keeping in mind that noise might be coming from upstairs as well. Nonetheless, unlike while soundproofing walls, you won’t be able to get such a variety of ceiling soundproofing materials. However, there are still a few noticeable ones.

Acoustic Foam Egg Crate Panel

Acoustic foams for example. They are not there to be used just on walls. You can use them on your condo ceiling as well. However, you will want to get a different foam panel for this occasion. This Acoustic Foam Egg Crate Panel Studio Soundproofing Foam from Foamily will be the ideal solution. All you will need to do is stick these up your ceiling and you will be good to go.Check out Acoustic Foam Egg Crate Panel Studio Soundproofing Foam Wall Panel on Amazon.

Nonetheless, if you think that putting foam panels on your ceiling will ruin the looks and aesthetics of your condo, then what you can do is use the TMS vinyl mats instead. They are much lightweight and easier to install as well.


Minimalism is a way of living at the maximum of your potential. And living in a condo signifies just that. Most people see condo living as somewhere between owning your own home and renting an apartment. But it’s more like owning your own home. There comes a certain feeling of attachment or responsibility to your new home. And as much as you want there to be no noise from your neighbors or outside. You will need to know that other people and your neighbors expect the same from you as well. So before you go on to indulge in weekend quarreling expeditions with your neighbor regarding why he makes so much noise. You would need to keep in mind whether you yourself are staying calm and collective at all times or not. At the end of the day. You would very much want to live together in harmony and peace.


I would like to end this article by clearing something that I often get questions about. The myth and confusion around it is also plenty. The thing is many tend to think that soundproofing is expensive. Well, it surely is not. Rather it is very cheap. All you need to know is using the right type of materials. When it comes to using the right materials, I am always here to help you with that. Nonetheless, if you still have any more queries and questions about soundproofing your condo then feel free to write to me. I will surely try my best to help.