How to Soundproof a Baby’s Room : 5 Easy Steps!

SoundProof Baby Room

Babies are like little suns, that in a magical way bring warmth, happiness, and light into our lives. Our babies are precious and they mean everything to us. We always want to ensure that they are safe and secure at all times. From the first time, you hold your newborn child until the day he or she gets married. You would always want to keep them safe and it all starts when your child is a baby.

Babies need to be kept in calm and quiet environments so that they can sleep and spend their time peacefully. Outside noise tends to disturb babies a lot and may end up bothering their sleep cycles. So to ensure the baby’s good sleep and a good environment for them what you can do is soundproof the baby’s room.

How to Soundproof Babies Room:

  • SWAP Furniture AND DECORATE.


All parents in general often have this misconception that babies require a completely quiet room in order to sleep and stay healthy. Well, technically this isn’t true. Yes, sounds from shouting, cars, and other sorts of noises do tend to be very irritating to them at times. But it doesn’t mean that all noises are bad. If you aren’t familiar with it, there is something called white noise. It is basically noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities. Now, babies tend to like this white noise a lot. Noise coming from air conditioners, vacuum cleaners or statics are very enjoyable for babies. And this is because these resemble the soothing and whooshing sounds which they experience when they are in the womb.

So before, you soundproof your baby’s room completely, make sure that you do not end up preventing every type of noise from your room. However, if you do, then there is nothing to worry about it. Because nowadays, you can find something called white noise machines. There are a number of different types of white noise machines out there and also some are specifically designed to be used in baby’s rooms. Keeping a sound machine in their room can instantly sooth the baby and allow them to get a wonderful sleep. And I am not making this up. A research done in the 1990’s showed that newborns were more subjected to sleep quickly and peacefully because of white noise.

If you are looking for a white noise machine for babies then I would suggest you get the Cloud B Sleep Sheep Plush Sound Soother (Check it out on Amazon). A unique thing about it is that it looks like a toy, so your baby will also like it a lot. In addition to giving out soothing sounds, it also has a sleep timer, so that it can go off straight after your baby is asleep.


I have mentioned in a few of my articles before that soundproofing foam is by far the best medium to keep your rooms soundproof and quiet. However, these foams are more suitable for studio use and tend to be more suited towards bedrooms or study rooms. In addition, they block all sorts of noise out there. Which as I mentioned is also not good. And just think it for yourself, the soundproof foam would not look good in a baby nursery. So what you can do is use soundproof art panels. Something like the Scandia Moss ‘SM Panel’ Acoustic Panel for example (Check it out on Amazon). It is made from a very eco-friendly technology to ensure to give you a Northern Arctic area vibes inside your baby’s room. It is very easy to clean and maintain as well as to install. These panels come in a number of different colors. So you can choose the one that will suit your baby’s room the best.


There are a number of different methods by which you can soundproof a room. However, when it comes to soundproofing a baby’s room, the choices cut down to only a handful of ways. Keeping that in mind, no matter what method or technique you implement, do make sure that it won’t be harmful to your child in any way whatsoever. For example, many soundproofing foams tend to contain harmful substances that might be alright in a normal room. But may end up causing problems.

NICETOWN Blackout Curtains with Panels for Bedroom

Another thing you should prevent using in baby’s rooms is soundproofing curtains. There is no doubt that soundproofing curtains are great and all. But one major point to consider and keep in mind is that these curtains tend to block away a lot of light that enters the room. Check out NICETOWN Blackout Curtains on Amazon. As the curtains are very thick and all. Even though a dark room might help the baby to fall asleep. At one time the nursery room will end up being dark and dingy. These things are really crucial because they often tend to affect the baby’s brain and psychology. So always keep the baby’s room bright and colorful with rhythms and sounds buzzing all over.


It is obvious that your child won’t stay small like this all the time. Once the baby starts to learn how to crawl and eventually walk., you won’t always be able to keep the baby in the cot. So what do you do now to keep the room soundproof? Well, you can simply carpet the baby’s room. There are a number of different types of soundproofing carpets out there. And in case if you don’t want to buy one. You can always use a normal carpet. However, make sure that the carpet you are using is clean and do take good care of it. Otherwise, the baby might end up having allergies and even severe diseases as well.


Furniture is an excellent way to not only decorate but also soundproof your rooms. That huge bookshelf that you have in your living room without any reason whatsoever can easily be shifted to the baby’s room. Just place huge furniture in places where noise is coming from. And then you are all good to go.


There are a number of different ways and processes that I talked about through which you can soundproof any room you want. However, the level of expertise required will depend on the extent of how much soundproofing do you want. In this case, to soundproof a baby’s nursery or the room you really do not need to have any level of skill or expertise at all.

The installation process is what really bothers everyone to soundproof their room. Well, to be honest, soundproofing your room doesn’t mean that you will have to renovate your whole house. Just by taking a few easy steps you can easily make your baby’s nursery a quiet and sound-free one.


Babies tend to fill a place in our hearts that we never knew was. Nothing in this whole wide world can compare to the feeling that you get when you hold your newborn baby for the first time. We all love our babies. There is no doubt about that. However, in this busy and selfish world, we tend to be so busy with our career and ourselves in general, that we tend to forget to spend time with our babies. This is something very important. If you do not spend quality time with your children when they are small, then it is very obvious that you will not only be having an unhealthy relationship with them but also they won’t value you as parents. To be honest, its the little things in life that matter the most and builds up a family with strong trust and moral values.

That was all I had for today. Be sure to check out our other articles about soundproofing and also let me know what you want us to write about next.