Things To Consider Before DIY Soundproofing Your Toilet:

Does your bathroom have a very high echo? Or you don’t want to bother others outside when you constantly flush down your toilet? Then soundproofing your toilet is absolutely crucial. Whilst soundproofing a toilet might sound tacky but it is actually great once you do it because no one wants to hear the sound coming from the toilet especially if you live in a small house! Today we will be talking about some tips that you should follow before taking on your DIY project of soundproofing your very own toilet.


Prep and Plan:

With any DIY project planning and preparation is the key. You would have to make sure you have you have a proper plan in place before you start any work. You don’t want to somehow hack your way through the project then, later on, figure out how tacky the work is. Especially when you are working inside your home you would want the end result to look very clean! You should plan how to tackle the project and then make a list of pieces of equipment you need. As a result, you don’t have to run to the hardware store in between work. Take a pencil and a paper and plan what you will do exactly and write it down.


Two is better than one:

There is a saying that “two is better than one”. And for a DIY project, the saying couldn’t be any truer. Try to get help when soundproofing your toilet as you may need it especially when installing heavy boards. Call your friend in and get help from them to make the project much easier for you. And as stated before do plan ahead and make sure to tell your DIY partner about the plan before starting. This will make your DIY project of soundproofing your toilet much easier than you can even imagine.


Educate yourself:

Be it soundproofing your bathroom or soundproofing your room, you need to educate yourself beforehand. Get in touch with a professional and take their advice. However, if you don’t a professional to get in touch with don’t worry. We live in a very modern day and age you can easily look up videos on Youtube and figure out the steps you need to know when soundproofing your toilet. So go on and watch some Youtube videos before you start any project. This should give you a very clear idea of what to do and what to avoid. Also, this will help you have an idea of the end result and what it should look like.



To conclude, soundproofing your bathroom should not be very tough. Just make sure you plan ahead and get help from friends or family. Make this DIY project fun for yourself and don’t chase perfection. As you are not a professional, you should try to maximize the soundproofing of the toilet instead of thinking too much about the aesthetics. And all in all, don’t be embarrassed to get professional help especially if you are very serious about this project and have some cash to spend. Getting professional should mean the project is quick and easy and you don’t have to get your hands dirty!