3 Easy Ways! How To Quiet A Noisy Pool Pump Motor:

If you have a swimming pool around your place, then you will very well know what a pool pump is. It is basically the heart of the pool and is something that keeps it running, it is the main circulation system. It looks very much like a normal motor pump and what it does is pulls the water from the pool through the skimmer and into the main drain. After that, it pushes the water through the filter and then to the main returns, and giving you clean water every time. Pool pumps usually consist of three different parts. That being the motor itself, an impeller and a lint trap.

Nonetheless, today I am not here to talk about how pool pumps are designed. As you can already indicate from the article that I will be letting you know different ways and techniques to help you to quiet a pool pump. Pool pump noise reduction is something very important and should be done on every pool pumps out there. Nonetheless, most people do not give this issue much importance. Just think about it for yourself. How peaceful would it be if you can swim on your pool with complete tranquility and without the disturbance of any sort? Pool pump machines as we know them, tend to be very noisy and disturbing, because of their powerful motors. The noise that they generate is at times very irritating.

How To Quiet A Noisy Pool Pump Motor:

  • Horizon Industries Pump Cover Pool Pump Cover.
  • Horizon Industries Pentair Intelliflo Pump Motor Cover.


Now if you have read my previous article before then you will know that I tend to talk about DIY soundproofing a lot. And we also encourage doing soundproofing yourself as well. Because you can very easily soundproof anything that you like around the house with just a help of soundproofing materials and a few tools. When it comes to soundproofing materials there is a wide array of materials to chose from. So you are very well covered.

Nonetheless, in the case of pool pump noise reduction and soundproofing the pump, your options to soundproofing are very limited. Hence you can already guess that you won’t be able to carry down a wide number of different DIY soundproofing projects. However, that is no issue, because I have a solution for you. And that is in the form of American Hydro Systems 265075 PumpHaus, Above Ground Well Pump Cover.

This might look and work in a very simple and easy way, but it is much more than just a cover for your pool pump. The shape of the pump gives it the freedom to comfortably fit on any sized pool pump. This cover will work with jet pumps as well. The material on the cover is very hard and thick. So no matter how powerful the motor is or how loud noises it might make, the cover will take care of it all and make sure that no noise comes out and ruins the environment. The outer shell is rust resistance, so it will stay new and fresh for quite a long period of time. It is also non-conductive and UV resistant as well. Meaning that no harm will come to it because of the sun’s harmful rays. Do not think in any way whatsoever that the cover will hamper the pump or water flow of the motor. That will not be the case, because the cover has very good ventilation and airflow system. Check out American Hydro Systems 265075 PumpHaus, Above Ground Well Pump Cover on Amazon.

2. Horizon Industries Pump Cover Pool Pump Cover:

If you want a pump cover that is a bit more hard and solid and will also be able to block sounds in a much better way, then you can go for the Pump Cover Pool Pump Cover from Horizon Industries. Just like most pump covers, this one is also very straight and simple and there is nothing extra or anything over the top. It is designed in a full white color and has three circled vents with small holes to let the air pass in. While most pump covers are usually designed to only soundproof the motor, this rather does a lot more than that. The Horizon Industries Pump Cover Pool Pump Cover will not only keep your pump soundproofed but also very safe and secure and ensure that no damage comes to it.

The size is not much of an issue because it will easily fit in any single or two-speed pumps easily. And that is basically the ideal size for pool pumps. The outer shell is very durable and it clearly can be seen in the overall build of the cover. The shell is made from a very high-quality PVC and provides a good and sturdy cover. The installation process with most pump covers is very tough. However, with the Horizon Industries Pump Cover Pool Pump Cover, you will not face any problems like that, as no assembly whatsoever is needed. All you need to do is a drill or cut it according to the required measurements of your pool pump and then place it accordingly. Check out Horizon Industries Pump Cover Pool Pump Cover on Amazon.

3. Horizon Industries Pentair Intelliflo Pump Motor Cover:

We can safely say that Horizon Industries are one of the best manufacturers of such pump covers. And the Pentair Intelliflo Pump Motor Cover very rightly proves that so. It is styled and made in a very similar way to the previous cover that I mentioned. However, with still keeping a few similarities. Just like the other models, the Pentair Intelliflo Pump Motor Cover can very well handle everything with sheer ease. It will protect your pump from the sun and the rain and will also ensure that the motor noise stays inside and does not get out. Using this is very easy as no assembly process or anything is needed whatsoever. All you need to do is put it on top of the cover. The outer shell is very well built and has UV and corrosion resistance, giving it a very overall good built. The Pentair Intelliflo Pump Motor Cover may look very similar to the previous pump cover that I mentioned. However, after testing it out I found that the Pentair Intelliflo Pump Motor Cover is a bit sturdier and also a bit wider in size. Check out Horizon Industries Pentair Intelliflo Pump Motor Cover on Amazon.


When I started this article, I told you that there aren’t many options available when you are looking to soundproof a pool pump. And I will stick to that. However, if you are so reluctant about not spending money and getting a soundproofed pump cover, then you can try to make one at home. However, do keep in mind that I cannot guarantee it’s effectiveness. And even if it does work, you can’t really expect much from it compared to the specialized soundproofing of the pump covers.

The first and foremost thing that you would want to do is make a box or cover that will surround your pool pump. I would suggest you use plywood boards for this. Plywood boards are very cheap and also easy to work with. Make a sort of box using the plywood boards. Make sure to take the measurements beforehand and also make sure that you are making the box roomy enough.

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