How To Soundproof Dog Crate in 3 Easy Steps!

how to soundproof dog crate

They say a dog is a man’s best friend and that dogs are one of the most loyal animals out there. Well, if you have a dog yourself then you will very well know how true this is. Dogs are just adorable. We all dog owners want the best for our dogs. Don’t we? Be it food, clothes, hygiene and what not. We can never compromise or sacrifice when it comes to our dogs.

However, as much as we would like to admit it, it goes without saying that one area where our dogs are often compromised on is in their dog crates. Dog crates are something that we believe tend to hold a lot of importance in the dog’s lives. Now, I am not saying or encouraging to keep your dog in a crate or anything. But a crate really comes in handy when you are traveling or when your good boy disturbs you a lot and needs some alone time. However, what you would want to do is get a soundproof dog crate. Obviously, dog crates are now designed in a sort of a caged design, making it very easy for barking sounds to mix around and create a disturbing environment all around. Here is where having the knowledge of how to soundproof dog crate will come of immense help.

How To Soundproof Dog Crate

Now, when it comes to soundproofing a dog crate, this is sort of a complicated thing to soundproof. First of all, is because it is very small. Second is all the different spaces that are there for ventilation and good airflow for the dog inside. Nonetheless, I always like a challenging task. And hence, I believe that there isn’t anything that cannot be soundproofed. I gave a try at trying to soundproof dog crate, so let’s take a look.

When you are looking to soundproof a dog crate, you would very much want to make sure that it still holds it’s portability factor at all times. Because that is the main objective of a dog crate. So no matter which soundproofing material you might want to use, you would very much want to keep in mind that soundproofing the dog crate does not make it heavy. So to keep its portability and not make it heavy, you would want to use very lightweight soundproofing material. And in this case, I would suggest you use the SilverStone 21-Inch x 15-Inch 4mm Thick 2-Piece Sound Dampening Acoustic EP0M Silent Foam.

While most acoustic foams come in huge and chunky shapes and sizes. It becomes really difficult to work with them. Because for using it on dog crates, you would need to cut it out and what not. Making the overall process quite a hassle for many. Nonetheless, that won’t be the problem with the SilverStone 21-Inch x 15-Inch 4mm Thick 2-Piece Sound Dampening Acoustic EP0M Silent Foam. The dimensions of these foam pads are 530mm x 380mm x 4mm, making them the ideal size to be used to soundproof a dog crate. All you need to do is put these panels on the sides of the crate. However, you would want to make sure that you are not completely blacking out the whole crate, because that will create a very dark and dingy environment for the dog and it might not feel comfortable inside. Check out  SilverStone 21-Inch x 15-Inch 4mm Thick 2-Piece Sound Dampening Acoustic EP0M Silent Foam on Amazon.


If you have even the slightest bit of idea about soundproofing, then you will very well know that acoustic foam panels are probably the most used soundproofing material out there. I myself talk about it a lot because of their overall ease of use process and versatility. Acoustic foam panels can be used anywhere, even to soundproof a dog crate as well. However, in this case, you would want to look out for foam panels that are a bit small in size. I would suggest you go for the 6 Pack – Acoustic Foam Sound Absorption Pyramid Studio Treatment Wall Panels from Foamily, as I think that they are the right size to be used on dog crates. Check out 6 Pack – Acoustic Foam Sound Absorption Pyramid Studio Treatment Wall Panels from Foamily on Amazon.


If you have a dog crate, you would very likely have a crate cover as well. However, if you do not then there is nothing to worry about. You can always get one online. For all those of you who are unaware of what a crate cover is, it is a sort of cover designed according to the shape of the crate itself. People may consider crate covers to be something very simple and basic. But the thing that often goes unnoticed is that they can be used as a soundproofing tool as well.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can use any sort of crate cover and expect it to soundproof everything. The Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover is a very good crate cover and I think that it surely has the potential to absorb the noises. Thanks to it’s sturdy, heavy duty and water resistant fabric that is also immensely thick. There is double stitching on the construction, enhancing it’s durability a lot. In addition, to blocking out noises, it will also create a very good and nice environment for the dog as well. Thanks to the side mesh windows with roller shades to adjust visibility and ventilation. Check out Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover  on Amazon.

Now, do keep in mind that crate covers are not a certified soundproofing solution. So it surely won’t be able to provide as good soundproofing experience compared to using acoustic panels or sound absorption sheets.


At often times, our dogs tend to disturb us and annoy us a lot. Sometimes it feels very irritating, especially when you take them outside somewhere. Nonetheless, you would have to realize that there is always a reason why they are upset and barking so much. They might feel hungry or feel uncomfortable in the environment. So do not get angry and start scolding your dog. Have patience and deal with them slowly. They will quiet down eventually.

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