Cheapest Ways To Soundproof A Basement Ceiling – 3 Easy Ways

how to soundproof basement ceiling


Basements hold a very special place in all of our American hearts. Many may see it as just a floor below ground level. But for some, it is their workplace, hangout crib and not to mention the world-famous bands and multi-million dollar companies that all started in basements. Everyone wants a quite and calm basement where they can work or study peacefully. This is why today I will be talking to you about some of the cheapest ways to soundproof a basement ceiling.


No matter how down below your basement might be. There will always be certain noises coming from above the house. It might be your dog running around or your kids playing around. Even someone who is working out or exercising upstairs can create irritating noises and distractions. To combat this you will need to do is soundproof your ceiling and that should be it.


So now that you have identified that you want to soundproof your basement ceiling, there are a few things and tools that you will need to have at your disposal. These are very basic tools and almost everyone has them laying around the house. And even if you don’t, you can easily get them on Amazon. Heres a list.

  • Caulk Seal.
  • Some sort of insulation boards.
  • A stapler.
  • Drywall
  • Tape.
  • Saw
  • Paint of your choice.
  • Drills and screws.

Cheapest Ways To Soundproof A Basement Ceiling:

  • ATS Acoustics.
  • MuteX Soundproof Material.
  • Carpeting The Upper Floor.

1.ATS Acoustics:

The main reason why acoustic panels will always be the best soundproofing solution is mainly that how cheap they are. Acoustic soundproof panels are not only cheap but you can almost find them anywhere. However, some soundproofing experts often discourage the use of such foam pads when soundproofing your ceiling. And the reason behind this is their performance issue. These panels work great on walls but are not as great when used for soundproofing basement ceilings.

These ATS Acoustic Panels are different!

In contrast to, the ATS Acoustic Panel is completely different. They aren’t like your everyday soundproofing panels. Which you can see just by looking at them. The foam is covered with a material called microsuede. This not only enhances the looks of the panels but also allows a better performance.

Keeping the aesthetics aside, they also perform immensely well. Blocking all sorts of noise penetrating through the ceiling and allowing you to enjoy some serene time in your basement. It also controls echo so you won’t be feeling creepy while you are studying or rehearsing alone. These boards are also very long lasting because it is protected with a solid wooden frame which makes sure there aren’t any dents or damages while installing it.


Now, the installation process is very easy as well as very interactive. They come with hooks and instructions so that you can easily install them. However, if you feel that the hooks that come with it are not ideal then you can use cleats or other ways of application. You can even glue them if you want to.

2.MuteX Soundproof Material:

If soundproof foam panels are not your thing and you want something that is more simple and more basic then you can use something called soundproofing mats or papers. Something like the MuteX Soundproof Material. The material is basically a full black roll of thick paper. Even though it is very thick, it still manages to be very lightweight and compact. These have two stages of sound barrier properties that includes Polymute Resin and Carbonwave. It can also be used in any weather condition, be it cold or hot.


The MuteX Soundproof Material is also very versatile. That means it can be used anywhere you want. Be it automobiles, industrial work. office, construction, home, walls, floors, doors and not to mention, ceilings.

Even though they work excellently well when they are used solo. We would still recommend you to use it with drywall. All you need to do is staple or glue them to drywall. And that would bring out the best in them. Drywall comes very cheaply in almost every hardware store out there.


It is very obvious that most of the noises and sounds that enter your basement actually comes from your house upstairs. And instead of soundproofing your ceiling, what you can do is soundproof the floors in your house. If you go through our articles you will see there are a number of different types of ways to soundproof your floor (check one out here). However, for your ease, I would suggest you the cheapest way. And that includes using a thick carpet on the floor in your house. This will reduce sound vibrations by a huge margin. If you want you can also put MLV mats under the carpet as well to get the maximum result. Check out TMS Mass Loaded Vinyl Mats on Amazon. You can also try putting something very heavy like a couch or any type of furniture in the place that is vertical to your basement. And that would pretty much do the job without costing you a penny.


Before you go on to undertake the process of soundproofing your ceiling with insulation boards and materials. It is very crucial that you thoroughly inspect the ceiling beforehand. Cracks and gaps are something very common in basement ceilings. All you need to do is seal these gaps and cracks with caulking seals. They will reduce sound amplification by a great margin. If you do not seal these gaps then no matter how well you soundproof your room it will be of no use.


Now, you will need to choose what kind of insulation material you will want to soundproof with. There are a number of different types of materials out there. Starting from fiberglass, drywall, MLV mats and what not. No matter which one you go for they will all serve you quite the same. However, the type of insulation you choose may vary according to the noise that is coming through the ceilings. A cautionary message would be to never use soundproof foam panels or blocks. This is mainly because they won’t come of much use to soundproof your ceilings. They will be much more effective for walls.


There is no doubt that the whole process of soundproofing a basement ceiling is pretty easy. However, there are a few things that you would need to always keep in mind before you go any further. First, make sure that you take off the light fixtures, ceiling fans or anything that you have stuck on the ceiling. These will become an obstacle and will make the process of soundproofing your basement ceiling a bit harder. So make sure to get them off. If you are looking to learn more about soundproofing then go and check out our other articles. If you feel like I am missing out on something then do let me know what you want me to write about next. I hope that this article about soundproofing your basement ceiling was helpful to you.

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